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Sunday, 31 December 2017

New Year’s Message by the President of the Republic of Poland

President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda (photo by Grzegorz Jakubowski / KPRP)

Dear Compatriots,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


The year 2017 is going by. It has been a year of major changes. This has been time of building a state that serves citizens - all of them, without exception. The time of reforms thanks to which state institutions and organs will operate in a transparent manner under a greater democratic surveillance. Another year goes by, marked by effective efforts to secure a faster and more prudent development for Poland, and to make sure the fruits of this growth would be fairly shared. Economic growth, whose effects are felt by millions of Polish families, continues. Our internal and external security is founded nowadays on solid foundations.


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!


We have a unique and exceptional year ahead of us. Celebrating the centenary of regaining independence by Poland, we shall recall and duly commemorate all of them who rendered great service to our freedom. Those best known but also those who are recalled by a handful of people. This is an opportunity to rediscover the greatness of our history, to consolidate our national sense of identity and pride inspired by the outstanding achievements of past generations.


It will be also a time for reflection: to ponder on what kind of Poland we want to bequeath to our children and grandchildren. I ardently encourage you to take part in a debate on the shape of our civic community. Let us decide together about the new constitution intended to serve modern times. Let us forge our future with hope and confidence in our own potential, the same way our ancestors did - winning back the Polish state with their courageous struggle and their persevering effort.


Of symbolic importance is also the fact that the centenary of that grand success coincides with Poland’s accession to the group of states determining the most important problems of international politics and guarding peace. As of January 1, the Republic of Poland is going to be one of fifteen members of the United Nations Security Council. We shall contribute to this fold with our values, our long-standing experience in striving for freedom, peace and cooperation among nations.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Compatriots!


May this New Year be a prosperous one: for our Home Country, for our families, for each and every one of us. Let us make it a year of our national pride, nurturing the sense of belonging to our civic community. Let us celebrate together the achievements made so far and let us work together to score new success. Let us be together in this unique time: here, at home and among our fellow citizens living abroad. I very much look forward to meeting you on many occasions, during local and national events commemorating the jubilee of our independence, and during constitutional consultations and debates.


My very best wishes from the bottom of my heart: may this New Year 2018 bring you peace, family happiness and prosperity, as well as achievement of all your plans and fulfilment of your wishes.


A Happy New Year!

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