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Thursday, 6 July 2017

President's speech at a joint conference with President Trump at Warsaw's Royal Castle

Press conference of the President of the Republic of Poland and the President of the United States of America

Distinguished Mr President, Ladies and Gentlemen,


It is with immense joy that I welcome to Warsaw and to Poland the President of the United States, Mr Donald Trump.  I am very happy with this visit to Warsaw, which is one of the first international visits you are paying, Mr President; for it underscores our bond and the high quality of alliance between Poland and the United States. It demonstrates that that we mutually view each other and that we are loyal partners, quality partners who cooperate in many fields, including that of security within the North Atlantic Alliance.


And today, just a moment ago we have been talking with President Trump on that subject, first in a private meeting, and then in the plenary session of our delegations. We spoke about the presence of US troops, we spoke about strengthening security in our part of Europe, also along NATO eastern flank. We discussed overall security in this part of Europe, also addressing the situation in Ukraine, we also spoke about the forthcoming Zapad ’17 exercise which will take place in Belarus.


Moreover, Ladies and Gentlemen, we spoke about the contracts to modernize Polish army, about the agreement between Poland and the United States on the procurement of Patriot missiles, we spoke about implementing the Vistula Programme and Homar Programme: about all actions that will be taken in the nearest years to reinforce Poland’s security.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


What I can say is that I am very pleased with the discussions that we have had, I have a feeling that the United States and that President Donald Trump are earnest about Poland’s security, and are earnest about the United States being our loyal ally. President Donald Trump emphasised strongly the influence of Polish Americans, our Polonia community, with whom he was meeting even before the presidential elections. I want to thank Mr President once again for having done so, for having appreciated the contribution that Polish Americans and Polish people make into development and prosperity of the United States. Moreover, we also addressed the topic of economic contacts, other than military ones, but also relevant to security, i.e. we spoke at length about gas supplies to Poland. I welcome the delivery of the first LNG shipment to Poland which arrived on June the 8th from the United States.


This proved to be success: without any problems, without any obstacles, gas was delivered to our LNG terminal in Swinoujscie. This paves the way to further contracts. I do hope that in the near future a long-term contract for LNG delivery from the United States will be concluded, and that this way, diversification of supplies of this crucially crucial resource will proceed in Poland.


In a moment, together with President Donald Trump, we will attend the summit meeting of The Three Seas Initiative, to further discuss the issues of energy security and of strengthening transatlantic bonds between Europe and the United States.


We will discuss development of infrastructure in our part of Europe: Central Europe. But likewise, we will talk about the development of the European Union, for all Three Seas Initiative countries are also EU member states. And speaking about cohesion policy as it unfolds, we look at cohesion from EU perspective and we want to achieve it also through developing infrastructure along the North-South axis, to enhance competitiveness of our countries, to enhance competitiveness of the European Union at large. I do hope that we will be able to achieve this goal, also in partnership with the United States, creating a win-win situation, mutually beneficial to the US, and our countries as well.


Mr President, one again, a very warm welcome to Warsaw! As President of the Republic of Poland, speaking on behalf of all Polish people, I warmly thank you for coming to Poland. 

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