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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Easter Wishes from the Presidential Couple

  |   Easter Wishes from the Presidential Couple Easter Wishes from the Presidential Couple

Ladies and Gentlemen,


On the occasion of Easter we wish to convey to all of you our very best wishes. This year, we celebrate Easter together: the Catholics, Orthodox and Lutherans. May this concurrence in time also reflect the unity of our spirit: the spirit of love and truth. May it bring closer Christians of various denominations, may it unite families and the whole community.


Easter is a commemoration of the Resurrection of Christ who brought us the Gospel. May these days, Ladies and Gentlemen, serve to reinforce the bonds in our homes all across the country.


Our warm thoughts go out to our compatriots who live beyond Poland’s borders. May a joyous “Hallelujah!” reverberate everywhere where the Polish tongue is heard, where our national traditions are further observed.


Let us also think about all those who are lonely and in need. Let us try and make sure that also for them, this unique jubilant occasion abounds in joy and hope.


From the bottom of our heart we wish you all the best. Happy Easter!

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