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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas wishes from the Presidential Couple

Christmas wishes from the Presidential Couple (photo by Grzegorz Jakubowski /KPRP)

Dear Compatriots!

Ladies and Gentleman!

Tonight, in our country and across the world, everywhere where Polish hearts are beating, good tidings reverberate: “Lord is born”. On the occasion of Christmas, we wish to convey to all our compatriots in Poland and abroad our very best wishes.


Ladies and Gentleman, may the star of Bethlehem shine for your nearest, your friends and neighbours. For our whole nation. On this festive evening, may Polish homes be filled with cordiality, understanding and openness.


Let us leave all the disputes outside. We may differ in our views, but political emotions should not overshadow what is most important: the happiness of our families.


We wish you joy and optimism: equally tonight, as we share Opłatek Wafer at the Christmas table, and throughout the coming year. Our particular wishes go out to all parents who raise their children. Let us make sure that the new generations to come may live in a peaceful, safe, and just Poland.


May this unique festive spirit continue also in our day-to-day life: also, when we return to our work and everyday duties. Merry and Peaceful Christmas to you!


All the best to all Polish families at home and abroad!

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